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Administrative information

If you have a social security coverage (Belgian social security, European health insurance card, E112/S2 form)

  • Belgian social security
  • E112/S2 form: for programmed care. Original document only, which has to be sealed and signed mentioning the address and phone numbers of the beneficiary, the duration of the hospitalisation (presumed dates of entry and exit)), the name of Cliniques universitaires Saint -Luc.
  • European health insurance card: for necessary and non-programmed care when temporarily living in Belgium.
  • You can directly get an appointment with the specialist by phoning the medical service secretary. You will find the number here under or by calling the cardiac coordinator of Cliniques universitaires Saint -Luc:  +32 2 764 61 11 (Cardella Agnès or Van Raemdonck Stéphanie)

If you have any doubt, contact the cardiosurgery department on the following e-mail address :

If you  do not have any social security coverage (Belgian social security, European health insurance card, E112/S2 form)

The following concerns your case if you do not have any social security coverage: Belgian social security, European health insurance card, E112/S2 form  with or without  the  coverage by an insurance company, a firm, a.s.o.

Your first contact before any appointment taking will be with the International Patients Department.

1. What you have to do in order to be admitted to the Cliniques universitaires Saint -Luc:

  • Send a medical report to the cardiosurgery department, who will transmit it to a Saint-Luc specialist who will determine the treatment or the hospitalisation necessary to your health condition.
  • On grounds of the information transmitted, the cardiosurgery department will estimate the care costs.
  • You will then receive the estimation of the costs.
  • You confirm these costs estimation and proceed to payment. If you have a private insurance or if you have another coverage – except the social security – which covers the costs of your treatment and /or your hospitalisation, you have – at this stage of the process – to inform the cardiosurgery department. They will examine the validity of the document and will inform you of their decision.
  • On the appointed day, you will register to the Admissions Department.

You will then contact the specialist’s secretary, who will inform you of the date on which your treatment and /or your hospitalisation will start.

2. Documents to hand over to Cliniques universitaires Saint -Luc.

  • Recent medical report
  • Copy of your passport or I.D.

If you are a non-European Union resident and a VISA is required for your admission on Belgian soil, Cliniques universitaires Saint -Luc will communicate the date and the receipt of your payment to your embassy to make it easier for you to obtain your VISA. Nevertheless it is up to you to take the necessary steps to apply for a VISA.