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Intensive care

After cardiac surgery

Examples : Coronary bypass surgery, Valve replacements or reconstructions,…

Immediately after surgery, you will be admitted to the intensive care unit, you will be unconscious due to the anesthesia drugs influence (sedatives and painkillers). 
You will be temporarily connected through an airway tube to a respirator. 
It will be removed after you wake up and are able to breathe without assistance.
 As with all patients, close monitoring of vital parameters are performed (patient monitor). A Swan-Ganz intravenous catheter allows accurate monitoring of your cardiac output.
The surgical drains (Redon and chest tubes) and different probes (gastric tube, urinary catheter…) are also repeatedly monitored. In some cases, additional equipment for monitoring or treatment are requested: support heart function, intra-aortic or mechanical cardiac support …

During your hospitalization in intensive care unit, it is important to keep in minimal that the breathing excercises staff will advise you. Their objective is to help you recover optimal lung function. It can range from basic exercises to help you cough or place a face mask that blows air so that the lungs open well.

The equipment will be removed according to your progress and only on medical orders. After approximately 48 hours, you can return to your ward, where your recovery will go on.

The bone of the sternum, which was opened during the procedure, will have to re-unite and consolidate (+ /- 6 weeks), so it is recommended to sleep on your back during the first weeks after surgery and avoid any traction on the arm.


The visiting hours are from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 7.30 pm.
 Only two people at once can visit during visiting hours.

To get news on the phone:

For confidentiality reasons, only close family of the patient may ask for information.
 We ask the close family to centralize calls on one or two contact people to ensure the best possible treatment for the patient and enable best staff support.
The contact person can call ‘ CVI 1 ‘ on the following numbers 0032 2 / 764.27.13  or  ‘ CVI 2 ‘ on 0032 2/764.27.73

These two contact people can then inform the other family members of the patient’s progress. Should the patient be operated in the morning, you can call from 2 p.m.
 Should the operation take place in the afternoon, please call after 6 p.m.